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  1. Hot Dogs m8 is gr8

    Hi! Im very happy that just you watch this but for now i have a problem. I can’t sell anymore, there is people who steal my works and give it for free away, if you was a seller, should you accept it? Should we have no respect for a hard work? I think the answer is no so if you care about this, please answer this with the hashtag #iCare, it makes me more motivated to open my shop again bye for now and have a nice weekend :)
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  3. Mark Farner
    Event on 2016-01-21 20:00:00

    Mark Farner IS the engine that took the original Grand Funk Railroad, one of rock music's most successful groups, to the top of the charts. As their lead vocalist, lead guitarist and principle songwriter the group made a beeline to rock stardom following their show-stealing performance before 180,000 people at the Atlanta International Pop Festival in 1969. Capitol Records was soon on board releasing the band's appropriately titled first album, On Time, which included such timeless Mark Farner compositions as Time Machine, High On A Horse, Heartbreaker, Into The Sun and Can't Be Too Long. Within weeks it was certified RIAA Gold.

    at Rams Head on Stage
    33 West Street
    Annapolis, United States








  6. Lisa Lampanelli Live!
    Event on 2016-01-23 19:00:00
    Lisa Lampanelli is known as Comedy's Lovable Queen of Mean. This equal opportunity offender, is best known for her show-stopping performances on the Comedy Central and Friars Club “Roasts” of Donald Trump, Jeff Foxworthy, Betty White, Flava Flav, Pamela Anderson, and William Shatner. Lisa Lampanelli is a no-holds-barred insult comic who masterfully works her audience while maintaining an inherent likeability that steals the hearts of her fans.

    at Rococo Theatre
    140 N 13TH STREET
    Lincoln, United States





  8. Janeane Garofalo
    Event on 2016-01-15 21:00:00
    Ages 18+

    Actress and comedian Janeane Garofalo has been an American institution since she burst on the scene in 1992.

    Janeane has had many memorable and critically acclaimed roles in films such as “The Truth About Cats and Dogs,” “Wet Hot American Summer,” “Ratatouille,” “Steal This Movie,” “Reality Bites,” “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion,” “Mystery Men,” “The Ten” and “The Cable Guy”. Janeane also co-authored the best seller “Feel This Book,” with Ben Stiller.

    Janeane was a cast member of the Emmy Award-winning Ben Stiller Show and played the role of Paula, the acerbic talent booker, on “The Larry Sanders Show,” for which she received an Emmy nomination. During the fall of ’94 she joined the cast of “Saturday Night Live.” Some of Janeane’s other television work includes two specials for HBO, FOX’s “24,” “Mad About You,” and the final season of NBC’s “The West Wing,” where she played Democratic campaign strategist Louise Thornton.

    In addition to acting in film and television, Janeane is an outspoken activist, spoken word performer and stand-up comedy entertainer known and respected around the world. She was instrumental in the successful launching of the first liberal radio network, Air America Radio, where she hosted her own talk show, “The Majority Report.” A lightning rod for controversy, Janeane’s well informed opinions and unflinching honesty have inspired laughs, as well as striking a chord with the left, right and everyone in between.

    at The Orange Peel
    101 Biltmore Avenue
    Asheville, United States




  10. Steel Panther
    Event on 2016-01-16 21:00:00

    The title of Steel Panther's third full-length album, All You Can Eat, came from a dream.However, it wasn't a dream Martin Luther King had or even any of the band membersMichael Starr [lead singer], Satchel [guitarist], Lexxi Foxx [bass], and Stix Zadinia [drums]for that matter."Believe it or not, the title came from a fucking girl that I was fucking," admits Satchel. "She fell asleep next to me on the tour bus. She woke up and told me she had a dream that we called the album, All You Can Eat. She was really hot, and she had great tits. I decided I was going to steal the title from her and not tell her. I kicked her off the bus. She can't do jack shit about it. She's probably living in a trailer park somewhere. It's a great title though."More importantly, that moniker fits this rock 'n' roll opus like a condomnot that Steel Panther practice or condone safe sex though. No, All You Can Eat is raw, raucous, and righteous heavy metal in its finest form. The Los Angeles quartet upholds the pillars of its sound. There are badass riffs aplenty, arena-size grooves, lyrics about sex, drugs, and senior citizens, and the lingering scent of whisky, a stripper's perfume, and hairspray. In order to capture all of this, the band began writing immediately after they got off the road behind their sophomore effort, Balls Out, their second album to debut at #1 on Billboards Comedy Albums Chart. "We've grown a lot," says Michael Starr. "On the first record, you get a flavor of some Bon Jovi, Mtley Cre, and Def Leppard. On the second, you get a flavor of Guns N' Roses. On this record, the main flavor is Steel Panther."Tasting the Panther, the boys retreated to Clearlake Studios with longtime producer Jay Ruston. Immediately, they got into their groove and went for it balls-to-the-wall. "I do a lot of my writing while I'm taking a shit or I'm in the shower," Satchel goes in. "I'll fucking jump in the shower once a week, and it happens. I write it down. Lyrics will be written on a chick's back while I'm fucking her. Then, everybody does his own thing to the songor the chickand the song is great. The music really writes itself. You just let the Lord speak through you."It sounds as if Steel Panther is on a mission from God after one listen to the first single "Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World". Boasting a hook that's harder to shake than herpes and ballsy guitars, it's the ultimate party anthem. For the music video, Rob Riggle [The Goods, 21 Jump Street] offered up his directorial talents and Breaking Bad star RJ Mitte and Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland all made cameos."If you're going to 'Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World', of course, you're going to have fucking hot bitches everywhere," affirms Satchel. "That was the idea for the video." "On every record so far, we've had a party song," adds Michael Starr. "I guess it's Steel Panther's version of a concept, if you will. We're tied together by partying. You've got 'Party All Day (Fuck All Night)', 'Tomorrow Night', and now this. Everything comes back to partying."There's a different kind of partying going on during "Gang Bang at the Old Folks Home Though". Building from a slow groove into an irresistible refrain, it's the ultimate geriatric love song."Michael used to deliver pizza, and I think that probably has actually happened to him," says Satchel. [Michael could not be reached for comment in regards to the validity of this statement.] Satchel goes on, "I don't think he likes to admit how much he loves to fuck old ladieslike really old. Michael still does deliver pizzas when we're not on the road, and he makes good money. If you happen to wind up at a fucking old folks home and the old lady has a gun in her hand and says, 'You're fucking everybody in here and then we'll pay for the pizza,' you're going to do it." Michael is happy to discuss another single, "The Burden of Being Wonderful", though. He says, "It's a life story for me. It's finally a way for people to understand what it's like to actually to be me. Growing up, I was always an attractive child as well as an adult. It's difficult when you're beautiful because people treat you differently. They expect you to be smart. They expect you to have morals. It's hard."Lexxi Foxx agrees, "It's very hard to be pretty cauz regular people think that I have a dumb brain. It's very lonely like this…" Now, to disseminate this masterpiece, Steel Panther have teamed up with Kobalt Music. About this partnership, Stix Zadinia states, "I am super-duper stoked on our new deal with Kobalt. Someone told me they have like, 35,000 people that work for them, and they are going to personally hand deliver each record sold! That's totally rad because that kind of service doesn't exist anymore, unless you're a milkman, and being a milkman is bitchin' because you totally get to nail all of those stay-at-home moms!! I LOVE the fact that we work with 35,000 cougar hunters. Go Kobalt!"With a milkman like work ethic, Steel Panther may just be the hardest working men in show business. Their formal debut Feel the Steel also hit #1 on Billboard's Top Comedy Albums Chart. They've sold out shows worldwide from Australian to the UK's iconic Brixton Academy, as well as appearing on festivals such as Download and Rock on the Range. Historical milestones include being the oldest heavy metal band to snag a major label deal and the only band to consistently play weekly on the Sunset Strip for an unprecedented thirteen years straight. Moreover, rock luminaries ranging from Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and KISS's Paul Stanley to Slipknot's Corey Taylor, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, and Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello have all partied with the Panther on stage. Meanwhile, this fearsome foursome has also appeared on Dancing With the Stars, Bad Girl's Club and a web campaign for the big screen adaptation of Rock of Ages. Ultimately though, they're not stopping anytime soon. "Our drive to bring heavy metal back has not lessened," concludes Michael Starr. "It's actually gotten stronger. We're not going to stop. I look forward to our continued world domination."

    at Regency Ballroom
    1290 Sutter Street
    San Francisco, United States




    Event on 2016-01-12 20:00:00

    Tonight it the night to live out all those lost dreams of being a rockstar and come steal the karaoke spotlight at 8PM!

    If karaoke's not your thing, no problem; we've got enough TVs to catch all your favorite sports teams in-action!

    Plus, we've got these wicked happy hour specials:
    Miller Lite Bottles (til 7PM)
    Well Drinks/Shots
    Frozen Drinks

    Stop by and enjoy!

    **Having a corporate send-off, bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday event, or other special event but need the perfect venue?!
    LOOK NO FURTHER! We'd love to host you! Just send a booking request online at:**

    at Wicked Willy’s, New York, NY 10012
    Wicked Willy’s
    New York, United States




  14. Jersey Boys
    Event on 2016-01-12 19:00:00
    BestofVegas Special Offers:
    Save over on Mid Center & Side Orchestra Seating!
    Save over on Front Mezzanine Seating!

    Jersey Boys
    Jersey Boys is the true chronicle about four boys from New Jersey that would hit the top of the rock charts over and over again with their debonair quartet singing group, The Four Seasons. Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Nick Massi, and Tommy DeVito are the Jersey Boys. Tickets to this famed Las Vegas show will bring you back to a golden era in music. With a sweet story of friendship, love and lost, Jersey Boys is sure to affect your emotions. It’ll put a tear in your eye, but also make you laugh, the next minute. It’s no wonder why this show has a hugely successfully run on Broadway, but you don’t have to go to New York to catch the magic of Jersey Boys. Las Vegas has the Tony Award-Winning Best Musical in the heart of the Strip. Out of all the Las Vegas shows, this one will steal your heart.

    One of the highlight of the show is the incredible repertoire of Frankie Valli and The Four Season. So much so, that they couldn’t fit all of their hits in one show, but they sure did try. From their consecutive number one hits, “Sherry”, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, and “Walk Like a Man”, they were propelled into the public view. To their disco classics, “Oh, What a Night” and “Who Loves You”, The Four Seasons were unstoppable. But maybe the musical’s big showstopper is Frankie Valli’ solo hit, the ever so romantic and timeless ballad, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.” Always a crowd pleaser, it has the theater on their feet!

    at The Venetian
    3355 Las Vegas Blvd South
    Las Vegas, United States




  16. Janeane Garofalo
    Event on 2016-01-12 21:00:00

    Actress and comedian Janeane Garofalo has been an American institution since she burst on the scene in 1992.Janeane has had many memorable and critically acclaimed roles in films such as "The Truth About Cats and Dogs," Wet Hot American Summer, Ratatouille, "Steal This Movie," "Reality Bites," "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion," "Mystery Men," The Ten and "The Cable Guy". Janeane also co-authored the best seller "Feel This Book," with Ben Stiller.Janeane was a cast member of the Emmy Award-winning Ben Stiller Show and played the role of Paula, the acerbic talent booker, on "The Larry Sanders Show," for which she received an Emmy nomination. During the fall of '94 she joined the cast of "Saturday Night Live." Some of Janeane's other television work includes two specials for HBO, FOXs 24, Mad About You," and the final season of NBC's "The West Wing," where she played Democratic campaign strategist Louise Thornton.In addition to acting in film and television, Janeane is an outspoken activist, spoken word performer and stand-up comedy entertainer known and respected around the world. She was instrumental in the successful launching of the first liberal radio network, Air America Radio, where she hosted her own talk show, "The Majority Report." A lightning rod for controversy, Janeane's well informed opinions and unflinching honesty have inspired laughs, as well as striking a chord with the left, right and everyone in between.

    at Terminal West at King Plow Arts Center
    887 W. Marietta St. N.W.
    Atlanta, United States




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Great Toys for Bedroom Excitement

I have been critically unsexed recently, and I guess that is a bit of a dramatic way to phrase it. It is not like I am going to die from not getting any sex, or anything close to it. But I really do not like this situation, where my wife and I have been having very little sex in the recent past. I am going to buy this magic wand attachment for her vibrator and try to use it in bed, to try to get things going again. I hope that she is just bored or something, and all I will need to do in order to get us to have sex more often is to try out some new things. I hope that is the case.

Of course, it could be much worse that is the cause of us not having sex. At worst, she could be cheating on me. But I really doubt that is the case. I don’t even really want to think about that possibility, because I think it is very remote, and there is slim to no chance it is actually happening. But at the same time, we haven’t been having sex and that is making me paranoid. I just want to figure something out to get us to have sex more often, because it is really lonely not having sex ever, and it makes me wonder why we are even married if we are just going to lay in bed together and never touch each other.

I think though that buying this attachment for the vibrator will be the first step in the right direction. I sure hope it will be anyway and so I am going to keep my fingers crossed and see how things turn out after I buy it. I want to go ahead and buy it today and I am going to select whichever delivery option make sure it gets here as soon as possible.

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How to Get Rid of Birds

Recently, there have been more and more birds that have taken to spending a large portion of their day in my yard. I wouldn’t mind so much if the birds did no poop everywhere, which is very disgusting and it is causing an inconvenience for my entire family. So I have decided to take action and look up bird control in NJ to see what can be done to deal with this bird problem. I do not necessarily want to get rid of all of the birds in my yard completely, and at the same time, I also do not want to have to kill the birds.

I just want to make sure that there is no longer such a large amount of them in my yard. One of the other reasons why I do not like having so many birds around, other than the aforementioned issue with poop, is the fact that they are rather loud in the morning. I like to sleep in some times, but it is hard to do so when the sun comes up and it is accompanied by a chorus of thousands of birds. It is rather annoying to listen to and something that I could definitely do without in my life. I am pretty excited and hopeful that I will be able to find a company that can take care of the bird problem.

I do not know what sort of non-lethal solutions are offered. It would be cool if they had some sort of device that emits sound waves at a specific frequency such that it really annoys the birds and makes them leave, but does not have any negative impact on other animal life, or the human owners of the house where the sound device is being used. I don’t know if that exists or not though.

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Looking at Buying a House

I have been looking at whether or not I am going to be able to buy this little house. It used to belong to the grandfather of one of my friends. There are a few small things wrong with the house, but I am thinking that it is going to need a new roof. I am not really sure and no one is exactly sure when it was last replace. I have been calling to get quotes on the cost of roof replacement in Brooklyn NY. That is one of the really major factors in whether or not it is going to be a good deal for me or not. You have to figure out what it is going to cost you over the long haul, because there is going to be a lot more to it than just the initial cost of the home. You mostly have to think about the mechanicals of the home. That means the HVAC mostly, the heating and the cooling systems of the home. I was really looking closely at the heat pump. The house has a gas heating system, it seems to work beautifully and I am thinking that it is going to be fine. However the heat pump looks to be really old and I am thinking that it might not work all that well over the long haul. Since I do not need it for heat, the obvious question is what it would cost to replace it as an air conditioner. It seems like that is probably going to be around twenty five hundred dollars, since this is a rather small home and you do not have to have a huge system to cool a place this size. Other than that there is nothing wrong with the house that can not be fixed rather easily.

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Pruning the Trees for Beauty and Health

I purchased my home nearly three years ago, and it looks so different because of changes I made. I painted the house a different color, and I also planted a huge garden in the back. I think the biggest change though is having the trees around the house pruned. I know some people may think that a change of color would be more noticeable, but the house was hidden by the massive trees around it. That is the reason I wanted to hire a company that does tree pruning in Asheville NC before I even moved in.

I did not feel safe having the trees so out of control, but I also did not want them removed. I could see a vision even before they were pruned, and I knew that the trees played a huge part in the appeal of the property. I looked at several companies that offer various kinds of tree services, but none of them impressed me as much as Family Tree Services. Their website had a listing of the different services that they perform, and pruning was just one of them. Knowing that I wanted to have the trees maintained on the property had me selecting them because they would be able to handle anything and everything to do with the trees here.

Another reason I really liked this company is because of the way they described their approach to pruning a tree. I like that they take an artistic approach, but they also consider the health of the tree too. They understand every aspect of a tree, no matter the kind it is, so I knew that they would only take off as much as they needed, and what was left would be beautiful. When they were done, you could see a good bit of the house, but it did not lose a single bit of the appeal at all.

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Hornets Were Trying to Take over the Neighborhood

We walk passed an old house every day. It has been up for sale for over a year now. The real estate company that is maintaining it for the owners who moved abroad does the bare minimum when it comes to lawn care and other needs. A big oak tree ended up being the perfect spot for a huge hornet’s nest. People were being attacked as they walked by at times. We decided to call pest control in Brooklyn to have it removed. I figured we would pay for it and bill the real estate company. Even if they did not pay, we would at least be safe on our walks.
In Brooklyn you might think of being mugged depending where you wander and when. You don’t think of being attacked by hornets in the area. However, wildlife takes up residence where it can.
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Getting Together to Watch Shows

My friends and I signed up for cox in south carolina after having satellite for many years because Cox was offering a better deal for their service. Their prices were cheaper and they had more channels. Not only that, but they offered us a discount on Internet service as well. We wanted to get new ISP too because our old ones were slow and charged way too much. Not only that, they started to give us data caps.
My friends and I organize watching parties at each others house. When a television show comes on that we like, we get some food and invite the others over and we watch the show at once.
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How Insurance Fills Our Lives

With all the types of insurance policies out there, deciding which is going to be best for you, your family or your business can seem like an overwhelming task. When I was looking for motor trade insurance for a client, I just shook my head in dismay and amusement. In the time that I have been working in this position as a professional virtual assistant, I’ve come across many requests to find, gather and present data on a multitude of insurance types. I had a client who once insured his thumbs due to his popularity as a gamer and competing as such on a professional level. Another client had her legs insured because she was an exotic dancer.
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New Baby, New Business and Proper Motortrade Insurance

I opened a small shop about the same time that my wife became pregnant with our first child. It was a venture we were going to run together with a minimum of staff to keep expenses low. She had been helping me work on cars since we were teenagers. She had the expertise to oil and lube any automobile new or old. We bought an oil and lube franchise and took all of the required training. When it was time to open our doors, she was very far along. I decided that good motortrade insurance was a necessary expense since we now had to hire an employee to take her spot while she was out on maternity leave from her own co-owned company.
I am ashamed to say, but I was thinking about getting by with the minimum of insurances until we had paid back a little of the loans we took out to start our business. Margins are slim in practically any business these days. Now that I had to hire someone, they were even more slim. I found a great motortrade insurance policy that was perfect for our growing business.
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A Toy Block Won’t Clog a Toilet but a Couple Hundred of Them Will

Some things you save as a parent to remind your kids of later. Those embarrassing little things they did as toddlers are wonderful when they get a bit out of hand as teenagers. Just threatening to release the information to their friends can get them to comply. If I was to keep a book of such things, then last weeks episode of needing expert drain cleaning in Bergen County NJ would be a prime example. Flushing a couple of those toy blocks that connect together to make larger objects will not clog a toilet. They just squeeze on through the sewer line without incident. However, flushing a bunch of them over time coupled with a damaged pipe section where they can gather will stop up the main sewer line solid.

I was in the laundry room at the lowest part of the house. I heard the toilet flush upstairs as I was rinsing out an article of clothing in the washtub that has two large deep sink bowls side by side. I had the drain plug in on the right with water in the sink, and watched as water started coming up out of the drain on the left. It had bits of toilet paper mixed in with it, and it smelled awful. What was flushed down the commode was now backing up into the drain pipes. Every drop of water going down was now filling up the pipes rather than it draining away.

I called the plumber right away. Snaking the drain ended up getting a couple of the blocks stuck on the end of the coiled rotating tool. When the plumber pulled the coil back out of the drain, I identified the blocks right away. I knew which kid was the culprit too. A camera inspection revealed a pipe that had a ridge at a joint that was a catch point for debris. The blocks, being hard, just got stuck there. The plumber was able to fix the problem, and I had a talk with the offending child. Looking through his toys reveled he must have flushed a couple hundred of those blocks over a few hours time. I’m still trying to figure out why he did it.

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A Partner in My Life

Weddings are moments that should be treasured, an experience in your life that should never be forgotten. That’s why when I was married in Nashville we hired the best wedding photographer in Nashville that money can buy. To be honest, I had not once thought to myself that I would ever see myself as a married individual. Growing up in an environment with parents who treated their own marriage as something toxic, a weapon that they could use against one another in order to gain leverage over the other taught me from a young age that marriage was a broken human system.

I hated the idea of for years. Even as a child I was firm against the idea of marriage, even dating for a period, due to my parents inability to come together as two reasonable adults and simply divorce each other. They did divorce, when I was seventeen, after years of battling one another. To me, it seemed as if their one singular goal in life was to make each other as miserable as possible – they didn’t even pretend to stay together for my sake. No, it’s like they lived off the hate for each other.

I’m lucky that I met my wife. I’m lucky that she was able to show me what love was meant to be and what it could become. A marriage did not have to be a bitter, hate fueled thing. It didn’t have to inevitably end as so many seem to do in our modern culture. It took her some convincing but she believes in me enough, and loves me enough, to care deeply enough to help work with me within the context of a relationship and a marriage. Because of her, I have learned what it means to have a relationship and a partner of life.

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Some Handy earn money Artwork

    earn money
    Image by roberthuffstutter
    Thats right, folks, only minutes after the announcement, actually a news leak, the names of the new leaders of the new DEPARTMENT OF JOBS has been made official. They are, from left to right: Bobby Lee, Davey Duggins and brother Timmy Duggins. They are posing here, to serve as an example of being ready to begin their "SHOVEL-READY JOBS."

    earn money
    Image by roberthuffstutter
    OUR SECOND HOME…from 1970 to 1976…The Mercury had an electric rear window…i HADNT NOTICED BEFORE, but it appears that my wife is posing in the back seat, or trying to get her finger out of the electric window. She frequently played with the button that raised the window and would sometimes get her finger, or her ear, stuck in the structure around the window. This was before our daughter was born.

  3. Learn how to become a Affiliate Marketing Master For Free
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    Mr Green

    Image by slade1975

    "Youre About To Discover The Shockingly Simple Formula To Become A Master Affiliate and Racking Up Sales and Profits, Even If You Have No Skills, No Knowledge, and No Experience Whatsoever!"
    …Now you really can quit that boring day job and live the life youve dreamed of!

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Started on the Kid’s Tree House

It is really not a real tree house. That is kind of hard to build and the boy’s Mother did not trust any of us to do it. In fact it is based on the sort of deer stand that people around here build. Like those things it sits in the middle of a field, or to the back of a field. It is perched about ten feet above the ground on a little tower. In fact the tower is made out of old telephone poles. I got the wood, some shutters, the windows and doors from D H Griffith’s. They are a demolition place and scrap yard. They are in fact one of the biggest in the country and they tear up all sorts of stuff and salvage what they can. I will drop by there on occasion and see if they have anything that I can use on the job. Of course you could do all sorts of stuff with all of that.

The boys are helping me out a little and of course Jackie is big enough to do a lot of the job himself. His mother would not let him do any of it unsupervised, but she is too protective in my opinion. At any rate it is going to take a couple of weekends, but we will have it looking like a tree house by the end of this one. The roof is already built and on the floor, but I need to borrow a tractor from the farmer down the street to put it up. He will help me out no problem and with his tractor I can build the parts on the ground and then lift them up in to the place where they belong. He has a huge tractor and an excavator arm.

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Working on a Dropship Type of Deal

Card logo salehooMe and these three guys from work have made some money doing this real estate deal and now we are thinking about what to do with the property. It started out a long time ago, about five years. We used to work with this old fellow and he lived on this road where the traffic was getting hectic. He wanted to move. We realized that land was going to be pretty valuable. We bought it and waited until there were shopping centers all around the place. The money we made has us thinking about this sort of thing, If you look at that you can see how it works, basically you are sort of like the front guy I suppose. You would put ads on ebay for example and people would buy the things you offered for sale. However that would be the only part where you would be involved, beyond collecting whatever profit there was for you in the deal.

This salehoo thing is supposed to help you get the best deals and reliable partners to provide the stuff that you can sell on your auctions. In theory you would be making a big of money off it, but without a lot of risk and without you having to do very much. You would not have to find a place to store the stuff you were selling and you would not have to ship it to the people who won the auctions. In fact you would probably not have to pay for it up front either. The difficulty lies in not getting involved with some nefarious entity. For example you would not want to be selling counterfeit merchandise on behalf of some Chinese organized crime group. You would want to avoid the sort of things that are easily counterfeited for certain.

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Choosing Spee Dee Dry Filling Machines Was a Good Decision

SpeeDee Greenville (Greenville,NC)We got all of our dry packaging equipment from spee dee. We needed rapid fill systems that use augers for our dry product. Over the last few years I have become an expert in understanding the dry filling technology used on production lines for packaging dry products from cereals to grains. We make a rice dish for sale in stores that is the dry ingredients of the rice dish we sell cooked in my restaurant as well.

Just like how other restaurants have a favorite item among customers, we have one too. One national chain of restaurant has a salad dressing they sell at the restaurants for use at home. They expanded into packaged croutons that have their signature flavor. The croutons they sell are packaged on dry filling machines. We sell a bagged version of our signature rice dish for customers to make and eat at home. It is all dry ingredients in a mylar bag. I have hired employees to mix up the dry ingredients and package it right here in a building where our restaurant is located.

That single product has made it possible for us to grow our profits to expand our restaurant and even add more products to our cook at home line. It is easy to mix up the raw ingredients into something that can be packaged. You just need really big bowls on carts and a big dry mixer to do that. However, packaging by weight without any clogs or problems requires quality dry filling machines.

That is why we got ours from Spee Dee. The whole premise is that they really are speedy when it comes to packaging your products. They work fast without clogging, under-packaging or over-packaging product. The machines are also easy to use. No complicated training sessions are needed to get new employees up to speed on how the machines function. They are so easy that even I can do it!

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Seoul P&I Show Event 2008

Numerous Nice i Imagery

  1. Seoul P&I Show Event 2008
    Image by toughkidcst
    Seoul P&I Show Event 2008

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  2. Seoul P&I Show Event 2008
    Image by toughkidcst
    Seoul P&I Show Event 2008

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Never Trust a Person That is Routine

I was recently looking for a blackfalds realtor and did not really know what to expect when I went to look. I mean I have heard some good things about the realtors in this area. All of my family members have used the same realtor when they move, and I thought it was finally time to branch out and try someone new. This realtor was very nice and tried their very hardest to find me the home that was perfect for me. She was not concerned with price, she showed me the homes that she thought I would like, not the homes that cost the most. It is very hard to find a realtor that does not just try to push the most expensive home on you. So I urge you to try a few different realtors and find out which one you like the best, do not just go with the ones that your parents or your friends go with because a lot of the time someone just picks a realtor and sticks with them regardless of whether or not they are a good or bad realtor. People are creatures of habit and you really can not trust anything that they have been doing a long time because it is just that. They have been doing it for so long that they are unwilling to even try a new person or a new company, so anything that they could have potentially helped you with before is pretty much out of the question because we have to take into account that they are unwilling to change their ways regardless of whether or not it benefits them more. A lot of older people are just stubborn, and that is ok as long as it does not push into your life and cost you any money.

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Tree Pruning Keeps Your Trees from Becoming Lethal Weapons

That tree in your yard that sways gently in the summer breezes and provides that wonderful shade for your outdoor activities can become a lethal weapon. Nature in the form of winds and other weather events including extreme cold temperatures often cause trees to fall. However, one thing that causes a lot of falling trees is failure to inspect and prune them. Experts in tree pruning in Queens NY that we use recommend the trees be pruned annually and inspected too.

Inspections can be as simple as a visual ascertain of the health of the trees to taking core samples to check for rot. Pruning keeps branches from getting to long. A long branch will act as a lever putting force on its base and the tree as well. It is not hard to spot branches that are too long that are now possibly dangerous. Pruning cuts them back taking stress off of the base of the tree.

It takes an expert arborist to properly trim trees. Each species has different requirements for pruning. Sometimes pruning can cause branches to come back that are small and weak. This can happen with excessive pruning sessions. An expert knows how much to take off and where. Not only that, they know when it is the best time to prune a tree.

Also, if your trees are out on the sidewalk close to the road, they likely have power lines running above them. If you do not keep the tree trimmed back from the lines, the utility company will do it. However, they just cut and cut. There is no attempt to make it look good. Take a look at some of the trees lining your street that have not been cared for. The probably look a mess. You can get them trimmed nice by hiring an expert.

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A Near Death Shopping Experience

For Cyber Monday week deals 2015, I’m going to throw a shopping party. I’ll buy some pizza and drinks and invite all of my friends over so we can shop for Cyber Monday deals with our smart phones. My friends all have that Monday off, as do I. so what better way to spend it than by having a party. This year marks a big shift in my shopping habits. Last year and every year before it, I used to go out on Black Friday, but I had an experience that made me never want to do that again.

While standing outside one of the stores early in the morning for Black Friday, a group of people in a pickup truck came to the line and pointed guns at everyone. They made us give up all of our money, jewelry, phones, and credit cards. I was only carrying one credit card with me, so I didn’t lose much else, besides my phone. I left my cash and other bank cards at home, because I wouldn’t have needed them anyway. I was able to call the credit card company and have them freeze my account. My phone has a tracking program on it, so if it’s ever stolen, I can locate it using the Internet.

The thieves who robbed the line were caught due to all of the stolen phones they had, but that experience was enough for me to swear away from Black Friday for the rest of my life. I was lucky that none of the thieves decided to open fire on us. I wouldn’t want to have my last moments be me sitting outside in the cold while waiting for a store to open. The much safer option is to browse websites from my home and let the deals come to me.

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Everyone is Happier with Direct TV

I have three kids, and they all have different tastes. For that matter, my husband and I do as well. It is very rare when the five of us will be in the same room watching the same program and actually enjoying it. It is much more common that we are all in front of different television sets or devices watching five different programs. That is the reason why we got Direct TV. When I saw, I knew that it was the right company to provide us our entertainment since we are all couch potatoes at least a few times a week.

Each of the kids have their own television sets, plus we have one in our bedroom, one in the living room, and one in the kitchen. Even when all five of us aren’t home at the same time, there are usually multiple television sets going. We even watch TV on our tablets, phones and computers at times. I know it sounds like that is all we do, but it isn’t. Since we are able to record shows and also watch some on demand, it makes it much easier and more convenient to just watch the programming that we want to see.

We were able to get all of this for an incredible price too. To have six different television sets set up as well as access granted on so many of our personal electronic devices just seems unreal after having cable for so many years. We were forced then to watch the same shows on multiple TVs or just not watch anything. Since we all have such busy schedules, it just made sense to go with Direct TV so we could each enjoy the programming that we each personally like. It was one of the smartest moves that we have made, and everyone is much happier with this setup.

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My Friends Know About Short Sales

The only way I could avoid a foreclosure on my home was to use short sales in Brooklyn NY. Foreclosure is no joke, and it’s one situation that I would rather not face if I can help it. Sometimes your life gets into a situation where things aren’t going well at all, and you have to do what you can to make the best of it. I was in such a time a few months ago, and I was so scared and confused during this time. I didn’t know what the future would hold, and I didn’t think I would be able to get out of it.

i talked to some friends about my predicament and they helped me calm down. A support network is one of the best things to have during a troubling time. They can really helped you keep a level head and offer some ideas and make some connections that might be able to help you. My friends were the ones who came up with the idea of doing a short sale, and if it weren’t for them, I would have never heard about it. Short sales weren’t something that I heard in everyday conversation.

The short sale was a success, and I was able to avoid foreclosure. I still had other problems in my life to deal with, but at least that issue was taken care of at the time. If I can take care of my problems one at a time, and have my friends backing me, then life will be easier. The next problem I’m tackling is a lack of income. The current job I have only pays so much, and I need more to avoid another situation like the potential foreclosure. I’ve been looking at some job offers based on my skill set.

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Looking at What a House is Going to Cost

If we could get enough money for the down payment we would love to get a house. For one thing we are not too happy renting, there is this one guy in the apartment complex who is a big jerk. He is always angry at everyone and everything. You really do not need to be miserable all the time and if you live in an apartment complex, then you do not get the power to choose your neighbors. Of course you could get a jerk who lives next door or across the street if you own a house, but when you own the place the guy has to stay off of your side of the property line if you do not want to hang around with him. If you live in an apartment you have other people on top of you pretty much. Most of them are willing to get along and want to be left alone themselves, but if there is one who wants to be a jerk to everyone he has ample opportunity to do it.At any rate we have been looking at places and seeing what we could afford. We were thinking we could rent a house for temporary. Go To This Page

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Found a Bigger House to Move into

It is not quite a done deal, but we have found a place that is big enough for us, Michael and the new baby. I already checked out which electric companies in texas will serve the place and whether or not I can choose the one that I want to have. I have had some issues with the power company we have now, but that is mostly a function of us being out alone. So if our power goes out in a storm it is usually just us and a couple other houses, obviously that makes us a lower priority since a handful of people really can not effectively organize an angry mob. I did not blame them for dealing with the areas where there were more customers, but that does not mean that I liked it and I am going to take my account some place else if I have a choice in the matter. The house is just big enough for the four of us. There are three bedrooms and one bathroom. I figure that I can add another bathroom, obviously it would be in the master bedroom. That only seems to be practical, Go To This Page

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Paying Less for Satellite TV in Colorado

We bought a home that is at the edge of where you can even get hooked up to electricity. Ours is actually the last house on our road where the utility poles carry the electricity. There is the last pole, our house and that is it. We are too far out for cable. I called them, and they said the whole area would have to be built up before they put in the infrastructure. I looked up satellite tv in colorado to see which company would provide us the best deal.I did not know a lot about satellite TV for the home because I had never had it. I thought it was interesting to learn the facts about it. I had saw all of the commercials on TV put out by the cable companies that tell you not to get satellite. My favorite is how they talk about signal. Here is what I found out. The cable companies also rely on satellite signals for all of their TV channels they rebroadcast down the cable line to your house. If the weather is so extremely bad that you lose signal, you can just about Go To This Page

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Bought Myself a Nice Little House

I have had a new job for about six months. I am making a good deal more money and I finally have enough money saved up for a house of my own. It is not going to be a palatial estate by any stretch of the imagination. It is about perfect for a first time home owner however. There is only about a quarter of an acre of land, which means that there is not too much to take care. I have bought a reel mower because there is not grass. I got a direct tv state list to make sure that I could get a good signal here, it is not far from the edge of their coverage area as I am in the real Southern part of the state of Florida and if you go an hour South you will not be able to pick up a satellite signal.

The place is just about right for me. I live about twenty miles from the plant where I have a work as a technician. However this is out in a rural area and so there is very little traffic. I get on the highway and most days I am at work in just about twenty minutes. In fact I could probably have afforded a bigger place, but I did not see the need for it. I bought a house which fit my needs and one which I could afford quite easily. A bigger house would require more time and effort to take care of. In fact it is really a bit smaller than the apartment which I had been living in, but it is quite nice. I do not have to deal with that weird guy down the hall who was almost making a lot of noise at night either.

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It is Important to Call in the Experts As Early As Possible

As a female who lives on her own, I try to take care of my house as much as possible. However, some things that have to do with upkeep are beyond me. Despite that, I have still done a pretty good job of DIY repairs on my own. I knew I was in great need of roof repair in Bronx NY for the sake of my home, but I had been putting that and a few other things off for awhile. I knew that getting your roof fixed would cost more than simply replacing a washer in the kitchen faucet or spackling an accidental hole in the wall that was made by accident. I decided to wait on getting the work done in order to save some more money and I figured that I would have a lot of time to do so.

Aside from taking care of my home by myself, I also work full time and even a lot of over time. While I am not married and do not have children, you would think that would afford me a lot of free time. But between work, my four dogs and taking care of my house alone, I have very little free time. My home is an older one, so it seems something is always falling apart.

I ended up waiting a little too long to get my roof fixed. And in doing so, I caused a lot of water damage to my floor and walls. I got up on the roof and tried to fix the problem myself after watching some videos on the Internet, but that did not work out so well. The roof continued leaking and the water caused more damage to the inside of my home. I knew it was time to get help from the right company, so I made a call and roofers came right over to give me a quote. The price was so much cheaper than I thought, and they did a great job.

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A Life Insurance Policy Definitely Supplies Life for the Survivors

Possibly not any other activity is much more ignored, overdue and subconsciously delayed as opposed to the purchasing of life insurance. Many reasons exist precisely why this is so. To begin with, it is a purchase that you’ll have to pay for each and every year, nevertheless you won’t ever individually be able to make the most of it since it won’t be worth it except if you die. A lot of people are even somewhat scared concerning buying a substantial amount of life insurance for anxiety that a person may well need them lifeless to be able to collect! Moreover, to acquire larger terms of life insurance, some sort of health care review is normally required. A lot of people do not wish to discover what the medical check up might disclose!Even so ultimately folks who opt to dwell conscientiously, not to mention who wish to leave their family properly provided for will have to execute the things they do not wish to accomplish and obtain insurance. Some individuals will Go To This Page

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The Key Elements of Great Entertainment

Leading Methods on Hiring the Right Mobile Wedding DJ Services for Your Upcoming Event As everyone knows, weddings are a major celebration for every person involved, especially the bride and groom, therefore it is important you should be happy with everything piece that goes into making this day very special. The key to throwing a great party rests not only in the people and the decor, but in having the right music to brighten the mood, that is why it is advised you hire a great mobile wedding DJ to help get your party started off the right way! Here we are going to highlight key details you need to know about when finding and employing the right DJ for your wedding ceremony. For starters, it is critical that you take the time to assess the type of system the DJ plans to use at your event. A lot of times you will find mediocre DJs who falsely advertise services and perform using low-grade equipment which can hinder the vibrancy of your wedding celebration. If you Go To This Page

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