• Creating a Space to Reflect You


    Sometimes I wonder if I bought a home only so I would have something to decorate. I was always envious of my parents, of anyone with their own home or space really, because I so desperately wanted to be able to choose my own home decor. I never thought much about the why I wanted to do this until I was older living in my first apartment when I realized that decorating a home in the fashion that I find pleasing is my way of making that space mine. I want to be comfortable in my space and sometimes that means painting it however I like.

    Being a teenager with a sense of style was difficult when you're living with parents who were totally against the idea of painting anything in the home. How can you ever express yourself if you're being held back by the people who should instead be encouraging you to find your sense of self through your creative expressions. I was determined from a very young age to have my own home so I could do just that without ever having anyone to tell me otherwise. I would do what I wanted!

    So I did. I even choose to remain single because of this. It might seem extreme but I don't want to fall into a relationship with someone who is going to inevitably expect to live together at some point. I'm fairly certain that I wouldn't be able to handle that. I'm far too comfortable with my space being my space. I have a hard time thinking about sharing that space - they would want to make it theirs, too. They would want to make it so they were as comfortable as me but in doing so we would both be taking away from one another.

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