• Elder Care is a Necessity in Modern Culture


    In today's world where children leave their land in search of greener pastures what other option do parents have than to seek shelter in old age homes, when they become dependent? And yet another disturbing factor is that servants are a rare commodity nowadays. How can old people cope with their day to day existence with no children or servants around. Yes. Here I feel that old age homes are a necessity, I even feel that a senior companion in Queens is worthwhile. I recall the fact that too many older persons in our country continue to live in poverty, face negative perceptions about aging, continue to be victimized by merciless criminal elements and worst of all, exploitation and abuse, sometimes by their very own family members. They are haunted by the loneliness and the "empty nest syndrome".

    Many find solace in pets; at least animals are far better than humans.We were always proud of the joint family system, the strength of relations and family bonding, but it has evaporated out, with the gush of time. We are busy, too busy for fulfilling even our needs. What has become so important for us today is our false pride and our struggles of life? A day is not sufficient for most of us to complete our official chores, then how can it be spent bothering for someone, if that someone is dependent on us either for the basic or emotional needs or if they are unproductive? But let me remind you dear fellows, that a true measure of a caring society is how best it values and protects its senior citizens. Should I tell you that there should not be any excuses to discard them from our life for what ever reasons. Our elderly are not bundles of burden. We cannot leave our elderly to suffer, deserted on the footpaths, on the roads, on beaches, in the temples or places of worship or old age homes.

  • Prices for a New Roof in NYC


    The roof on my house is giving out and it is probably time to get a new one. I should have gotten this done years ago, but I decided it would probably be too expensive. Now I am checking out companies that specialize in roof installation in NYC because I woul like to get a new roof as soon as I can. There are other repairs to be done to the house as well. I have some ideas for opening a restaurant soon, and hopefuly these expenses won't interfere with that becoming a reality.

    I wonder if I could make a restaurant based solely on the idea of a breakfast sandwich. You could have a lot of sides available for breakfast, and then have build your own breakfast sandwiches on your choice of bread. I am thinking that some of the options would be like toasted white bread, wheat bread, multi-grain, rye bread. Then we would also have biscuits, and maybe something else. I am not sure what that something else would be, but I can probably come up with something. Oh, I know, I have a good idea for what could be another option, and it is actually pretty popular at the moment. We could also have the choice of tortillas to make a breakfast burrito, or a wrap, or whatever you want to call it. It would have the added benefit of also being a low-carb option, which is something that a lot of people are interested in these days. But on top of that, I am thinking that we would do more than just regular American breakfast items, and try to incorporate breakfast items from other cuisines. In doing so, we would really increase the number of combinations you could make with the build your own breakfast sandwiches.

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