• Looking at What a House is Going to Cost


    If we could get enough money for the down payment we would love to get a house. For one thing we are not too happy renting, there is this one guy in the apartment complex who is a big jerk. He is always angry at everyone and everything. You really do not need to be miserable all the time and if you live in an apartment complex, then you do not get the power to choose your neighbors. Of course you could get a jerk who lives next door or across the street if you own a house, but when you own the place the guy has to stay off of your side of the property line if you do not want to hang around with him. If you live in an apartment you have other people on top of you pretty much. Most of them are willing to get along and want to be left alone themselves, but if there is one who wants to be a jerk to everyone he has ample opportunity to do it.

    At any rate we have been looking at places and seeing what we could afford. We were thinking we could rent a house for temporary. In fact we can likely find a house which costs a good bit less per month than the apartment does. We pay way too much in rent and if we could get the money for the down payment, then the cost of a house payment would lower our monthly bills by a very large sum. We are not sure if we can afford any house that we would want. We have enough money for something very small and in a bad location. Of course the location is the big thing when it comes to a home's value.

  • Getting Together to Watch Shows


    My friends and I signed up for cox in south carolina after having satellite for many years because Cox was offering a better deal for their service. Their prices were cheaper and they had more channels. Not only that, but they offered us a discount on Internet service as well. We wanted to get new ISP too because our old ones were slow and charged way too much. Not only that, they started to give us data caps.

    My friends and I organize watching parties at each others house. When a television show comes on that we like, we get some food and invite the others over and we watch the show at once. Sometimes we have a few drinks as well, which makes the viewing experience even better. Last week it was my turn to host my friends over. There was a popular crime drama coming on that we always watch on Thursday, so I decided to order a few pizzas, buy some chips, and make a few cocktails. We really get into the drama when it come on. Watching the detectives try to solve various crimes and pretending like we're actually in the show is really fun for us.

    This week, one of my friends will host. We're going to watch a boxing match on Saturday. The boxing match has been getting a lot of attention for a long time because the two fighters are people that everyone though would never get into the ring with each other. After years of dodging each other, they finally decided to fight, and it's going to be one of the biggest fights of all time. My friends and I are taking bets on who we think will win. I hope the fight lasts for a lot of rounds, or everyone will be disappointed.

  • How Insurance Fills Our Lives


    With all the types of insurance policies out there, deciding which is going to be best for you, your family or your business can seem like an overwhelming task. When I was looking for motor trade insurance for a client, I just shook my head in dismay and amusement. In the time that I have been working in this position as a professional virtual assistant, I've come across many requests to find, gather and present data on a multitude of insurance types. I had a client who once insured his thumbs due to his popularity as a gamer and competing as such on a professional level. Another client had her legs insured because she was an exotic dancer. It went on and on from body parts to vehicles to even an idea once. I have no idea why they thought they would be able to find a company that would be willing to insure an idea of all things!

    It makes me wonder just how much money some insurance companies actually make on this type of insurance policy. It's not something that you are going to be able to find listed in just any kind of policy booklet or on a website. No, this is the sort of policy that you are going to have to call around for. This is the policy that is going to be insured by a small number of companies whom specialize in this specifically. They are the companies that are insuring the dare devils, the base jumpers and the adventurers. They bet on life itself when they insure their clients. The very thought of it makes me shiver - is it worth it to be insured when your life is on the line or your career? Will it really help you? To me it seems more like a 'living insurance policy'.

  • New Baby, New Business and Proper Motortrade Insurance


    I opened a small shop about the same time that my wife became pregnant with our first child. It was a venture we were going to run together with a minimum of staff to keep expenses low. She had been helping me work on cars since we were teenagers. She had the expertise to oil and lube any automobile new or old. We bought an oil and lube franchise and took all of the required training. When it was time to open our doors, she was very far along. I decided that good motortrade insurance was a necessary expense since we now had to hire an employee to take her spot while she was out on maternity leave from her own co-owned company.

    I am ashamed to say, but I was thinking about getting by with the minimum of insurances until we had paid back a little of the loans we took out to start our business. Margins are slim in practically any business these days. Now that I had to hire someone, they were even more slim. I found a great motortrade insurance policy that was perfect for our growing business. I was not at the top level of coverage, but I also was not at a top level of risk. We changed oil and did some other things such as changing windscreen wipers.

    My wife is kind of glad she got pregnant when she did. Our plan was to have one shop and work it ourselves. I ended up hiring more employees to run the shop while I opened another one in a location a few miles away. By then my wife was getting back into work full swing. She talked me into opening another location with her. We were doing very well, and all we were doing now was some administrative work. We even hired a manager to run all three locations. This left us more time to spend with our newborn and each other.

  • Found a Bigger House to Move into


    It is not quite a done deal, but we have found a place that is big enough for us, Michael and the new baby. I already checked out which electric companies in texas will serve the place and whether or not I can choose the one that I want to have. I have had some issues with the power company we have now, but that is mostly a function of us being out alone. So if our power goes out in a storm it is usually just us and a couple other houses, obviously that makes us a lower priority since a handful of people really can not effectively organize an angry mob. I did not blame them for dealing with the areas where there were more customers, but that does not mean that I liked it and I am going to take my account some place else if I have a choice in the matter.

    The house is just big enough for the four of us. There are three bedrooms and one bathroom. I figure that I can add another bathroom, obviously it would be in the master bedroom. That only seems to be practical, but I am not sure how difficult or how expensive it is going to be. For the time being we shall make do. Of course it is less of an issue until the kids start to grow up. For now Michael is barely potty trained and so he is the only the third user for the facilities. I figure I can find a solution to the problem in time, but that the solution will require some money that we do not have at the moment.The yard is a mess too, but it is quite big and we figure we can grow a nice garden there.

  • Paying Less for Satellite TV in Colorado


    We bought a home that is at the edge of where you can even get hooked up to electricity. Ours is actually the last house on our road where the utility poles carry the electricity. There is the last pole, our house and that is it. We are too far out for cable. I called them, and they said the whole area would have to be built up before they put in the infrastructure. I looked up satellite tv in colorado to see which company would provide us the best deal.

    I did not know a lot about satellite TV for the home because I had never had it. I thought it was interesting to learn the facts about it. I had saw all of the commercials on TV put out by the cable companies that tell you not to get satellite. My favorite is how they talk about signal. Here is what I found out. The cable companies also rely on satellite signals for all of their TV channels they rebroadcast down the cable line to your house. If the weather is so extremely bad that you lose signal, you can just about be sure that the cable company is losing their channel signals coming in too.

    My wife and I signed up for a satellite TV package and we really like it. We sit here while it is storming outside and do not have any problems with losing signal. We have been through heavy rains and snows without ever missing any shows. I tell you what, the DVR on my satellite box records so much more stuff than our old cable box did that even if we did lose signal we would have days of stuff to watch. I have no complaints about satellite TV, and we even pay a lower price than what we paid for cable.

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