• Tree Pruning Keeps Your Trees from Becoming Lethal Weapons


    That tree in your yard that sways gently in the summer breezes and provides that wonderful shade for your outdoor activities can become a lethal weapon. Nature in the form of winds and other weather events including extreme cold temperatures often cause trees to fall. However, one thing that causes a lot of falling trees is failure to inspect and prune them. Experts in tree pruning in Queens NY that we use recommend the trees be pruned annually and inspected too.

    Inspections can be as simple as a visual ascertain of the health of the trees to taking core samples to check for rot. Pruning keeps branches from getting to long. A long branch will act as a lever putting force on its base and the tree as well. It is not hard to spot branches that are too long that are now possibly dangerous. Pruning cuts them back taking stress off of the base of the tree.

    It takes an expert arborist to properly trim trees. Each species has different requirements for pruning. Sometimes pruning can cause branches to come back that are small and weak. This can happen with excessive pruning sessions. An expert knows how much to take off and where. Not only that, they know when it is the best time to prune a tree.

    Also, if your trees are out on the sidewalk close to the road, they likely have power lines running above them. If you do not keep the tree trimmed back from the lines, the utility company will do it. However, they just cut and cut. There is no attempt to make it look good. Take a look at some of the trees lining your street that have not been cared for. The probably look a mess. You can get them trimmed nice by hiring an expert.

  • Looking at Buying a House


    I have been looking at whether or not I am going to be able to buy this little house. It used to belong to the grandfather of one of my friends. There are a few small things wrong with the house, but I am thinking that it is going to need a new roof. I am not really sure and no one is exactly sure when it was last replace. I have been calling to get quotes on the cost of roof replacement in Brooklyn NY. That is one of the really major factors in whether or not it is going to be a good deal for me or not. You have to figure out what it is going to cost you over the long haul, because there is going to be a lot more to it than just the initial cost of the home. You mostly have to think about the mechanicals of the home. That means the HVAC mostly, the heating and the cooling systems of the home. I was really looking closely at the heat pump. The house has a gas heating system, it seems to work beautifully and I am thinking that it is going to be fine. However the heat pump looks to be really old and I am thinking that it might not work all that well over the long haul. Since I do not need it for heat, the obvious question is what it would cost to replace it as an air conditioner. It seems like that is probably going to be around twenty five hundred dollars, since this is a rather small home and you do not have to have a huge system to cool a place this size. Other than that there is nothing wrong with the house that can not be fixed rather easily.

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