• Almost Ready for the Grand Opening


    The boss is really on pins and needles as the big day. He is determined that we open the place with a splash, or to do as much as he can to be sure that plenty of people show up. Obviously we are under a lot of pressure, because there is nothing better than word of mouth and you need to impress the first people who show up at the place. If they walk away happy and tell their friends you are off to a roaring start. At the moment we need door gifts in Singapore and we are thinking about giving away something really nice. The boss was hoping that he could convince someone else to donate the big prize for the publicity. Of course when you need something that is really valuable, then it is hard to convince some guy to just give it to you. However I managed to talk this sales representative into selling us a huge big screen TV at cost. Obviously he wants us to be really specific about where we got it and how nice it is.

    I think that everything is going to be fine, but there is a lot of small stuff that the boss is sweating. He is mostly worried about all of the people we have had to train for the job. You obviously are not really paying them all that much money and you are expecting a lot of them, which is hard when all of them are new to the place. If you take a job at an established place then you are the only one who needs to be broken in, all of the other people tell you when you mess something up and all of them know when you are not doing it the right way.

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