A Near Death Shopping Experience

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For Cyber Monday week deals 2015, I’m going to throw a shopping party. I’ll buy some pizza and drinks and invite all of my friends over so we can shop for Cyber Monday deals with our smart phones. My friends all have that Monday off, as do I. so what better way to spend it than by having a party. This year marks a big shift in my shopping habits. Last year and every year before it, I used to go out on Black Friday, but I had an experience that made me never want to do that again.

While standing outside one of the stores early in the morning for Black Friday, a group of people in a pickup truck came to the line and pointed guns at everyone. They made us give up all of our money, jewelry, phones, and credit cards. I was only carrying one credit card with me, so I didn’t lose much else, besides my phone. I left my cash and other bank cards at home, because I wouldn’t have needed them anyway. I was able to call the credit card company and have them freeze my account. My phone has a tracking program on it, so if it’s ever stolen, I can locate it using the Internet.

The thieves who robbed the line were caught due to all of the stolen phones they had, but that experience was enough for me to swear away from Black Friday for the rest of my life. I was lucky that none of the thieves decided to open fire on us. I wouldn’t want to have my last moments be me sitting outside in the cold while waiting for a store to open. The much safer option is to browse websites from my home and let the deals come to me.

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