Bought Myself a Nice Little House

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I have had a new job for about six months. I am making a good deal more money and I finally have enough money saved up for a house of my own. It is not going to be a palatial estate by any stretch of the imagination. It is about perfect for a first time home owner however. There is only about a quarter of an acre of land, which means that there is not too much to take care. I have bought a reel mower because there is not grass. I got a direct tv state list to make sure that I could get a good signal here, it is not far from the edge of their coverage area as I am in the real Southern part of the state of Florida and if you go an hour South you will not be able to pick up a satellite signal.

The place is just about right for me. I live about twenty miles from the plant where I have a work as a technician. However this is out in a rural area and so there is very little traffic. I get on the highway and most days I am at work in just about twenty minutes. In fact I could probably have afforded a bigger place, but I did not see the need for it. I bought a house which fit my needs and one which I could afford quite easily. A bigger house would require more time and effort to take care of. In fact it is really a bit smaller than the apartment which I had been living in, but it is quite nice. I do not have to deal with that weird guy down the hall who was almost making a lot of noise at night either.

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