How Insurance Fills Our Lives

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With all the types of insurance policies out there, deciding which is going to be best for you, your family or your business can seem like an overwhelming task. When I was looking for motor trade insurance for a client, I just shook my head in dismay and amusement. In the time that I have been working in this position as a professional virtual assistant, I’ve come across many requests to find, gather and present data on a multitude of insurance types. I had a client who once insured his thumbs due to his popularity as a gamer and competing as such on a professional level. Another client had her legs insured because she was an exotic dancer. It went on and on from body parts to vehicles to even an idea once. I have no idea why they thought they would be able to find a company that would be willing to insure an idea of all things!

It makes me wonder just how much money some insurance companies actually make on this type of insurance policy. It’s not something that you are going to be able to find listed in just any kind of policy booklet or on a website. No, this is the sort of policy that you are going to have to call around for. This is the policy that is going to be insured by a small number of companies whom specialize in this specifically. They are the companies that are insuring the dare devils, the base jumpers and the adventurers. They bet on life itself when they insure their clients. The very thought of it makes me shiver – is it worth it to be insured when your life is on the line or your career? Will it really help you? To me it seems more like a ‘living insurance policy’.

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