Looking at What a House is Going to Cost

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If we could get enough money for the down payment we would love to get a house. For one thing we are not too happy renting, there is this one guy in the apartment complex who is a big jerk. He is always angry at everyone and everything. You really do not need to be miserable all the time and if you live in an apartment complex, then you do not get the power to choose your neighbors. Of course you could get a jerk who lives next door or across the street if you own a house, but when you own the place the guy has to stay off of your side of the property line if you do not want to hang around with him. If you live in an apartment you have other people on top of you pretty much. Most of them are willing to get along and want to be left alone themselves, but if there is one who wants to be a jerk to everyone he has ample opportunity to do it.

At any rate we have been looking at places and seeing what we could afford. We were thinking we could rent a house for temporary. In fact we can likely find a house which costs a good bit less per month than the apartment does. We pay way too much in rent and if we could get the money for the down payment, then the cost of a house payment would lower our monthly bills by a very large sum. We are not sure if we can afford any house that we would want. We have enough money for something very small and in a bad location. Of course the location is the big thing when it comes to a home’s value.

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