New Baby, New Business and Proper Motortrade Insurance

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I opened a small shop about the same time that my wife became pregnant with our first child. It was a venture we were going to run together with a minimum of staff to keep expenses low. She had been helping me work on cars since we were teenagers. She had the expertise to oil and lube any automobile new or old. We bought an oil and lube franchise and took all of the required training. When it was time to open our doors, she was very far along. I decided that good motortrade insurance was a necessary expense since we now had to hire an employee to take her spot while she was out on maternity leave from her own co-owned company.

I am ashamed to say, but I was thinking about getting by with the minimum of insurances until we had paid back a little of the loans we took out to start our business. Margins are slim in practically any business these days. Now that I had to hire someone, they were even more slim. I found a great motortrade insurance policy that was perfect for our growing business. I was not at the top level of coverage, but I also was not at a top level of risk. We changed oil and did some other things such as changing windscreen wipers.

My wife is kind of glad she got pregnant when she did. Our plan was to have one shop and work it ourselves. I ended up hiring more employees to run the shop while I opened another one in a location a few miles away. By then my wife was getting back into work full swing. She talked me into opening another location with her. We were doing very well, and all we were doing now was some administrative work. We even hired a manager to run all three locations. This left us more time to spend with our newborn and each other.

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