Paying Less for Satellite TV in Colorado

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We bought a home that is at the edge of where you can even get hooked up to electricity. Ours is actually the last house on our road where the utility poles carry the electricity. There is the last pole, our house and that is it. We are too far out for cable. I called them, and they said the whole area would have to be built up before they put in the infrastructure. I looked up satellite tv in colorado to see which company would provide us the best deal.

I did not know a lot about satellite TV for the home because I had never had it. I thought it was interesting to learn the facts about it. I had saw all of the commercials on TV put out by the cable companies that tell you not to get satellite. My favorite is how they talk about signal. Here is what I found out. The cable companies also rely on satellite signals for all of their TV channels they rebroadcast down the cable line to your house. If the weather is so extremely bad that you lose signal, you can just about be sure that the cable company is losing their channel signals coming in too.

My wife and I signed up for a satellite TV package and we really like it. We sit here while it is storming outside and do not have any problems with losing signal. We have been through heavy rains and snows without ever missing any shows. I tell you what, the DVR on my satellite box records so much more stuff than our old cable box did that even if we did lose signal we would have days of stuff to watch. I have no complaints about satellite TV, and we even pay a lower price than what we paid for cable.

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